Tuesday, 13 December 2016

‘Cleaning company ends contract with Rotterdam Hilton over treatment of workers’

Dutch newspaper AD reports that major cleaning company CSU will no longer provide services to the Rotterdam Hilton hotel over its failure to commit to the Responsible Contracting Code. “That’s why our ways part”, a CSU spokesperson told AD.

Liliana Dirks of trade union FNV emphasised the uniqueness of the situation: “The Hilton is a major client. For CSU to want rid of them is telling: the Hilton simply doesn’t want to improve its role as a contractor or its labour conditions.” The Hilton declined to comment because they would still be in talks with CSU, AD reports.

The Responsible Contracting Code was created in 2010 in response to a nine-week strike of cleaners demanding respect and a living wage. Signatories agree to include social criteria in their contracting decisions.

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